Our Achievements


Inter School Acquatic Championship

The following students won prizes in the Interschool Aquatic Championship conducted by the CBSE South zone Sahodaya. Amaya. A. R (5D) *Gold medal for 50 mtr butterfly stroke. *Gold medal for 100 mtr individual medley. Anamika. S. R (7C) * Gold medal for 50 mtr breast stroke. * Silver medal for 50mtr backstroke. Diya Anil (7A) *Silver medal for 50 mtr free style. Aron. S. S (7A) *Silver medal for 50 mtr butterfly stroke. Vasudev. S. V (5A) * Silver medal for 50 mtr backstroke.

Drawing Competition

Neeraj S (V B) got 2nd prize in the drawing competition conducted by Nehru Cultural Centre and Collash Art Centre under UP Section.

Kids Karate League

The following students won prizes for Karate (Katta) conducted by Kids Karate League in Jimmy George Stadium on 5th and 6th November 2022. Aaryan S S (IV D) - Gold Medal Anaswara B S (VII B) - 1st Prize Dev Krishna M S (VI B) - 3rd Prize

Karate Championship

The following students Navami (III C - Gold medal) , Bhagya A N (VII C - Brown Medal) for the Karate Kumite for girls and Rohit Abhilash (VII C- 1st prize), Sravan S Sujith (VI D- Gold & Silver Medal) for the Karate Kumite for boys won prizes for the third Ananthapuri Karate Championship 2022 held at LNCPE Indoor Stadium, Karyavattom on 24th July 2022.

Manavaseva Foundation

These students Sreenanda Sujai (VII A) got 1st prize and Adhithyan M (IV A) got 3rd prize for drawing competition held by Manavaseva Foundation.

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